Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy 21st Birthday Jovy!

Do you know of any 21 year old who takes care of an elderly, does the family's laundry while she cleans the bathroom once a week, and on some days, washes the dishes, sweeps the floor and cleans up the dinner table after a family dinner?

Well, I happen to know her and I am blessed to be her sister! That's my baby and now a lady, my little sissy, Jovy. I am so proud of how responsible she turned out to be. Typically, a 21 year old college kid would have moved out from the house and moved in to a sorority house or an apartment near a campus but since financially we could not afford it, she chose not to. Also, she understands that Lola needs someone to look after her most of the time so when she's off from school, she lovingly cares for her. She's the most mature 21 year old I ever know. 

As we were raised single handedly by my mom, we understood that we cannot get things we want in a silver platter. However, I've never heard a single complaint from her. I've never heard her demand anything beyond our means either. She saves up before she decides to spend on her wants. She's that practical. She's no pain in the a#$ when it comes to cha-ching. 

However, if you bring her to a Forever 21, H&M, Target, TJ Maxx, Marshalls or simply to Goodwill she can go bonkers! She's the fashionista, Kate Zoe, or Liz Uy in the family. We've got a very own fashion police and we get critiqued on the way we dress mind you. Imagine how cruel life can be if I mismatched an outfit. Lol. The only person she gave up long ago in assessing a couture was my mom. hahaha. If a fashion emergency occurs, she's there to the rescue. That's one beauty I find in having a sister.  She's kind in letting me borrow her clothes and I'm pleased to say that we have the same taste. Yup, we have the same taste in almost everything, except in men. I don't think she likes NERDS like I do. lol 

I find writing as my creative outlet, my sister finds it in her nail art! You should check out her blog, Heart for Nail Art and see for yourself. She could earn a fortune if she starts charging the Lolas and the Titas for every nail work she's done. hehehe.

Undeniably, her beauty and charm is  phenomenal. She claims that she's the fairest one among us all. Evil step mother lang ang peg. hehe. But honestly, we know that true beauty comes from the inside and that's why she beautifully blooms like a flower. In spite the fact that she's pretty, it's surprising to know that she's single, isn't? Maybe NBSB? (No-boyfriend-since-birth) Last time I checked, she told me she's not going to get married ever. hahaha. Well, I kind of said that to myself too but look at me now, I'm happily married! Be scared not in love my dear. Your man of your dreams will be running after you in God's time. Hopefully after you finish school. (no pressure.hehe) 

Jovy, now that you turn 21, I would like to commend you my little sis for the woman you have become. You make us proud each year for all the hard work, sacrifices, the values you've preserved, obedience, faith in God, conferred love for our family, and more. I couldn't be more blessed and proud to have a sister like you. Keep up the good work and keep your feet on the ground and I'm certain that you'll go a long way.   

Happy Birthday Jovy! I love you!



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